Working in the service secor to the Oil and Gas Industry since the mid 80s, we have acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience
in countries in the MiddleEast, Central Asia and Russia.
Having worked with multiple disciplines and building on this knowledge we identified key services that are required in both emerging and established markets.
In 2016, we started putting a group of professional companies together to cover these key services.

mission statement

In order to respond to the needs of the 21 st century, the infrastructure of the Oil and Gas Industry needs ever more technically challenging maintenance.
JR Services consolidate and combine blue-chip technology of the best International Companies and export them to different parts of the world.
With this, JR Services aim to promote the efficiency of the Oil and Gas Industry and contribute to the reduction of its environmental impact.

Manpower Supply
With its experience in the Oil and Gas industry, and working with colleagues a pool of highly trained professionals for upstream activities has been identified. Our employees support operations in many disciplines generating the required results for high, middle and lower level management.

Subsea services
JR Services has its own high-tech subsea survey equipment along with air and saturation diving spreads; all equipment is maintained by a specialized professional team and is subject to a rigorous certification process.

In-line Inspection (ILI) covers pipes and pipelines using “smart pigs” (both tethered and non-tethered) that utilize non-destructive examination techniques
to detect and size internal damage. It measures and records irregularities in pipelines. With ILI, the inspection of long stretches of pipelines is easy and economical.

Inspection services
Our inspection solutions have a level of accuracy that meets or exceeds the market standard; the core strength of integrity management is combined with material technology and engineering design, giving the solution can be tailored to solve almost any challenge.

Well services
It is crucial to implement the correct maintenance and intervention procedures on a well when production from the reservoir has begun.
When executed correctly, these services enhance the well productivity.

Data processing
JR Services has access to the best international technology in the field of seismic processing services, including seismic data processing, static
modelling, advanced studies, seismic data interpretation, petro physics, seismic facies and interpretive processing.


JR Services develops an extensive HSE management and implementation plan at the beginning of each project; it defines the project goals and objectives and the precise activities needed to achieve them.
This plan is regularly updated and remains at the center of each project.sqert


JR Services is committed to achieving customer satisfaction providing the best possible services that meet international standards.
Effective control measures are always in place to safeguard the health and safety of employees and contractors, while protecting the environment.
JR Services support the development and implementation of management systems conforming to international standards, codes and guidelines.